Mocuntia Real Estate Advisors

Based in Berlin and focusing on the region of Northern Germany, the Mocuntia Real Estate Advisors GmbH is your reliable consultant and partner for real estate transactions involving a wide range of properties, from former industrial real estate through existing buildings to new construction. The existing buildings are increasingly playing a central role in real estate transactions, especially in our hometown of Berlin.

Our many years of experience grant us the know-how for diagnoses of structural conditions and technical deficiencies, allowing us a detailed estimation of the repair efforts necessary, customized to the customer’s objectives and scope.

Tailored to the nature and emphasis of each task, our teams of highly qualified partners analyse and satisfy your very individual needs. Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with reputed engineering offices and diverse disciplines, we can also support you in a variety of fields (e.g., environmental assessment, fire protection, wood preservation, concrete restoration, etc.), depending on your requirements. We see ourselves as translators and mediators between technical issues and commercial requirements, invariably keeping both sides in check.

What we can do for you

Our consulting services cover the entire life cycle of any given property.

Technical Due Diligence Analyses

Technical Due Diligence Analyses

We examine the technical state of any given property, as well as the complexity of the measures needed to repair any deficiencies, to then determine the expenditure involved. We record the former and expound the latter in a clear format, method which grants you, the client, a clear overview of the measures needed. Furthermore, we point out risks revealed by the analysis of technically relevant information and documents, and suggest possible solutions within the scope of time constraints.

We are well aware of the role time constraints play in the property-transaction business and are never deterred by them. On the contrary, we welcome the challenge! We would be happy to work with you in developing a customized solution that fits your schedule.

Project Controlling and Management

Project Controlling and Management

Gladly do we advise and guide you through the construction process, from the thorough analysis of building requirements to exhaustive warranty tracking. We check the specified qualities and goals of your building specifications and advise you according to the definition "Better performance for the same money."

We can also monitor the construction progress regularly and represent you in construction meetings; we accompany and advise you during punch-list checks, eradication of defects, and acceptance inspections. After building completion, we offer services of warranty tracking and regular inspection of the new building (checking on construction defects before expiration of the warranty period, for example), either with the client or independently. This service may extend to the time after the final purchase of the property.

Our Technical Due Diligence (TDD) provides the framework to offer services on the basis of the analysis we provide, we conduct in-depth investigations, get bids from experts and consultants, and look after the companies you commission from a technical point of view. We keep track and coordinate the necessary testing and planning services to eliminate the shortcomings exposed in our inspection. We monitor and coordinate all companies involved in the transaction, in a driven, efficient, and targeted manner.

Technical Asset Management

Technical Asset Management

Very often, it is after acquisition of the property that the complex assessment work begins: deficiencies must be prioritized and processed, areas made rentable. We develop solutions in close cooperation with you and your planning team, working to unite and implement the claims of the owner and tenant. We gladly support you in these tasks with our maintenance and budget planning. We can document a walk-through, photographically and in written form; we can advise you on which measures to carry out, and in which succession. After the visit, we create a plan tailored to the owner’s building and priorities, also taking into account constructional relationships and constraints. The elimination of safety-relevant deficiencies is our highest priority.

Built documentation

Built documentation

The documentation of existing buildings is habitually incomplete and presents the new owner with many questions. Whether it’s missing building permits, poor technical equipment plant descriptions, or missing digital plans: Mocuntia Real Estate Advisors GmbH supports you with file searches at the building authority or the architectural records, as well as with the digitizing of plans. For conversion or planning measures, we take over the creation of DWG plans, whether from paper or from a PDF file. If necessary, we carry out measurements in the property and incorporate the changes in the plans.

Furthermore, you can also expect a sound real estate transaction service, comprehensive advice on sustainability and green building standards and, if you wish, prudent project management.


Depending on the task and its complexity, the team of Mocuntia Real Estate Advisors consists of various specialised engineers and/or experts. This cross-consultation allows us to look at your property from a variety of professional perspectives and to give you a holistic and precise picture.

Mr. Wolfgang Giloy, a Civil Engineer by training (FH), coordinates all projects. With over 30 years of international experience in the construction and real estate sectors, as well as his knowledge about the client’s priorities, he is the first point of contact in all matters relating to your property.

Before founding the Mocuntia Real Estate Advisors GmbH, Mr. Giloy was involved in a wide array of domestic and foreign construction projects, residential and commercial. He was Branch Manager for the Strabag Project Development Company for many years, assuming the position of asset manager responsible for the construction and administration of a residential portfolio with a volume of approximately 250 million Euros. In addition to technical understanding, he has extensive asset management knowledge to view real estate from an investor perspective.

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Giloy

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Giloy

Managing Director of
Mocuntia Real Estate Advisors GmbH

I am at your disposal for all questions concerning Mocuntia Real Estate Advisors GmbH.

Partners & Associates

Every property has its own character, its own demands for expertise. In our experience of more than 20 years, we have had the pleasure of joining forces with many talented colleagues, in every possible combination. Their knowledge and passion stay with us; we acknowledge the importance of their work and value their collaboration. Gladly do we use these synergies in our work for you.

Selection of references of Mocuntia Real Estate Advisors GmbH

Our experience is the foundation of our work as advisers to our many customers. Because experience has sharpened our eye and our perception, we uncover a variety of aspects and qualities in buildings, simplifying the analysis and maximizing the benefits for the customer. A small selection of the properties for which we have conducted Technical Due Diligence (TDD) can be found below. Should you wish to obtain more information about these or other projects, please contact us: the list is long, the projects varied and interesting.

Property: Listed Office property
Location, Berlin
Rental area: ca. 80,000 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence, collection of evidence (during renovations)

Property: Listed office property
Location: Berlin
Rental area: 12,189 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence
Property: Office and laboratory building
Location, Berlin
Rental area: ca. 19,500 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence, Environmental Due Diligence, area planning, punch list supervision after purchase

Property: Office property
Location: Berlin
Rental area: 14,967 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence, Environmental Due Diligence
Property: Special-purpose property (film studios)
Location: Berlin
Rental area: 14,242 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence, Technical Project management

Property: Listed office and commercial building
Location, Berlin
Rental area: 12,468 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence
Property: Office and retail property
Location: Berlin
Rental area: 30,886 m²
Service: Verification of a due diligence previously commissioned by vendor, Technical Due Diligence

Property: Listed office property
Location: Berlin
Rental area: 65,000 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence
Property: Downtown retail property
Location, Kiel
Rental area: 5,000 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence

Property: Residential building
Location: Leipzig
Rental area: 7,542 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence
Property: Office property with doctor offices
Location: Berlin
Rental area: ca. 5,000 m²
Service: Maintenance and budgeting

Property: New building, logistics building
Location, Düsseldorf
Rental area: 30,855 m²
Service: Project monitoring
Property: Nee building, logistics centre
Location: Frankfurt / Main
Rental area: ca. 35,000 m²
Service: Project monitoring

Property: Listed commercial complex
Location: Berlin
Rental area: 13,800 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence
Property: Nursing home
Location: Buchholz i.d.N.
Rental area: 3,479 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence

Property: Retail park
Location: Bremen Stuhr
Rental area: ca. 4,000 m²
Service: Technical Due Diligence


Main Office, Berlin:
MOCUNTIA Property Consulting GmbH
Pfalzburger Straße 72
10719 Berlin / Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 30 8891 6549
Fax: +49 (0) 30 8870 2755

Real estate transactions are characteristically determined by time constraints. Due to our flexible modus operandi, we are able to respond and react to limitations, fulfilling your requests at very short notice. If you provide us with key data on the property in question, we will contact you as soon as possible and work out the most effective procedure to follow. We are always glad to make you an offer for your next transaction. Please send us your exposé.